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Our biodegradable compostable carry bags and trash bags are essential for businesses, governments agency, restaurants, grocery store, natural food stores, farmers markets and home use. Our products are biodegradable and 100% compostable bags made from natural, renewable resources bio-based product derived from corn. Our bio bags meet ASTM D6400 specification and also exceed every certification requirement to be a biodegradable product. Our bio bags are shelf stable with a shelf life of 12 months and are also GMO free.

By using GreenWare bio degradable bag, it helps to eliminate contamination of our environment offered by regular plastic bags when disposed, bio bags are biodegradable and natural as food scraps that leaves no harmful residue.


Our bio seeding bags are made with at least 90% starch from renewable resources to improve biodegradability. Conventional plastics do not break down or degrade and it’s a visual pollution and eyesore. In landfills ordinary plastics degrade very slowly and it prevents anything contained within them to reach full degradation potential. This resulted in a needless waste of valuable landfill space.

Our degradable/biodegradable seeding bags are developed to make your tasks of waste reduction easier, safer and better for the environment.

Bio seeding bags will also improve productivity of replanting, it eliminates the requirement of cutting and removing of bags in the replant seeding process. Bio bag will simply degrade and composed into the soil that holds the seeding.


Our trays and platters are biodegradable or compostable which provide a viable, non-toxic, disposable and compostable alternative to pure plastic trays and platters.

Made from biodegradable corn starch ingredient, our trays and platters are “sensibly green.” Our unique blend even allows them, in most cases, to be taken straight from the fridge to the microwave for easy and efficient reheating.


Do you know our trays and platters are “sensibly green”. Our unique blend even allows them, in most cases, to be taken straight from the fridge to the microwave for easy and efficient reheating.


Our tableware’s are biodegradable plates that provide a viable, non-toxic and disposable alternative to traditional plastic plates. It comes with various sizes to meet any occasions.


Our line of drinking cups are made from renewable resources derived from corn. Our drinking cups are 100% similar to PE coated paper cups, in terms of physical dimensions and user experience.


Ordinary disposable plastics cutleries may be made with toxin-laden chemicals, don’t subject your family to such toxin. Go that extra mile for them and offer a complete eco-friendly dining experience.


Our bowls are biodegradable and compostable, provide a viable, non-toxic, styrene-free, disposable alternative. Made from cornstarch ingredient, our bowls are “sensibly green”. Our unique blend of bowls are freezer and microwave safe. It allows reheating directly from freezer.

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